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The Death Of Blogging: The Rise of AI Chat Bots & Content

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
Is blogging dead, empty desk with a laptop sitting ready to use

I hear this every year from a wide range of bloggers, mainly because their blogs are dying slowly and are failing to grow.

Instead of asking themselves with a critical eye why it is happening, it instead must be signaling that blogging is dead and no one should ever start again.

Well, I can tell you blogging is nowhere near dead, nor on its last breath. As with anything in technology, the strategies continue to evolve and change.

The truth is more than that; those who don’t stop learning and improving skills don’t typically fall to the wayside, like laser discs, Beta, and HD-DVD.

Blogging If Anything Continues to Evolve and Grow

Maybe the days of your random blog about what you have done on the weekend have died off.

Let’s face it, as that’s really what social media was built for.

Instead, blogging has become about teaching and helping others in subjects you know or understand well and providing personal experience and depth.

You now read someone’s content more specifically to learn why or how they did the work, not just to know they took a trip or went shopping.

It has become a far more personal and experience-driven thing. Now we read about why someone purchased something, maybe learn how to cook that perfect chicken on a barbeque, and more.

A blogger makes money now to pay for hosting and time in many ways, the most common being affiliate marketing, where you refer people to an item or service and make a commission.

The Beginning of the AI Age of Content

With artificial intelligence (AI) systems like Jasper being used increasingly to generate content, some worry that blogging is dead.

However, it’s not necessarily true. AI is a tool like any other and can be utilized in the right way to create relevant content that brings people back again and again.

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For example, AI can be used to create compelling blog posts that have easy-to-read information, are well-researched, and include helpful visual elements. Plus, AI can be used to optimize posts for search engines.

It is not a replacement for human creativity; it’s just an additional tool that can help save time and energy when used properly.

While this may seem like the end, let’s talk about the road ahead if you want to continue blogging.

The Road Forward: Adapting To Fill What AI Content Cant

Bloggers who want to stay ahead of the curve should focus on creating unique and helpful content. You should strive to add value to the reader that AI cannot mimic.

Make sure you are creating data-driven, well-researched content, and sourced from reliable sources.

Most importantly, make sure that you are engaging with your readers; give them something to think about or learn that they can’t get anywhere else.

Finally, create timely and relevant content that is constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing world and technological advances.

Content should be created with a focus on helping readers solve problems or make informed decisions.

Provide Hands-On Details and Information, Not Specs

Many bloggers focus on reviews and best style guides to get commissions from sales but they actually don’t own the product nor have any actual insights as to how it works or why to use it.

It’s time for a change in the way we blog, and that means giving readers detailed information about products and services, not just specs.

Tell them what you’ve learned from using the product, detail your experience with customer service, and provide screenshots of features and functions that can help others get more out of the product.

AI can’t do this, and if you want to keep up with content trends, this is one way to stay ahead.

Provide Unique Angle On Niche Content

Instead of writing content the same as everyone else look at how to take on the discussion from a new and unique perspective where you can add value to the conversation.

This doesn’t mean you can’t write about the same topics as everyone else, but try to provide interesting and fresh insights.

Content should be written in a way that educates and entertains readers by offering unique perspectives on things they may not have known or considered before.

Showcase True Experience In the Niche

Show a depth of knowledge in the content you create. Talk about what you’ve learned and share your experiences with the subject.

This will help readers gain trust in what you’re writing and make them more likely to come back for future advice.

Knowing how to explain unique problems and benefits that aren’t on a spec sheet or data sheet helps you stand out from the crowd.

Supplement With Quality Videos and Media

While I hate to admit it you need to lean more into creating content that AI really can’t at this point which is video, video is an equalizer in the digital marketing world.

Supplement your text content with videos that show you in action, speaking on a topic, or teaching something complex.

It helps build trust with readers and can be used to gain more attention than just writing alone.

The great part about video is that it’s much easier to produce than most people think and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Build More News Style Content As AI Doesn’t Understand Current Events

Another key could be staying current with the niche whether it is the technology and new items being released or things like trails changing for the year versus the old established path.

This more news-styled content AI can’t create as it doesn’t know what hasn’t been released or what is happening.

This gives us a chance to create content that readers can trust and that will be relevant for longer than a few weeks.

It also allows us to dig deeper into topics, showing off our true knowledge and expertise in the field.

So if you’re looking to stay one step ahead of AI with your content creation, start creating more news-style content that focuses on current events and happenings.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when developing content for your blog in an age where AI is becoming more prevalent.

Remember, AI should be seen as an additional tool to help you save time and energy, not a replacement for human creativity.

Can AI Chat Bots and Content Help Overcome Writer’s Block?

AI chat bots and content are revolutionizing the writing process by helping individuals overcome writer’s block. With their ability to provide instant suggestions and feedback, these AI tools are invaluable in enhancing writing skills. By utilizing AI, writers can generate new ideas, refine existing content, and improve their overall writing style effortlessly. Thanks to how ai improves writing skills, facing creative roadblocks becomes a thing of the past for aspiring writers.

Final Thoughts On The “Death” Of Blogging

The bottom line is: blogging isn’t dead, but it has changed significantly over the years.

To ensure your blog continues growing and bringing in readers, you must stay on top of new technologies, trends, and strategies.

It also helps if you create unique content that stands out from the rest so readers will come back again and again!

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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