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Niche Site Project One – Month Fourteen: July 2023

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
Niche Site Project One Month Fourteen

As it is summer, this month continued to be excessively busy with life, family, and work while the focus moved to try and maintain 1-2 posts per day to keep momentum carrying forward with many things to divert attention.

This site topic still allows for near-effortless content creation at this point so maintaining the pace and getting myself a gigantic site is still the goal and I hope to push towards a $1000 month soon as I have broken over $500 three months in a row.

Content Production For NSP1 In July 2023

Much like last month, I have really focused on ensuring I cover topics in depth and detail but have had to slow down the overall content speed to maintain a real-life and work balance.

As such I was able to create 26 posts this month at a total of 124k words, I do feel to some point content volume and consistency matter much more than we want to give it credit for, especially on a fresh site.

I did produce 10 “Best XX for YY” pages on the site not included above which are already beginning to pay dividends with exact items from my list selling over the last week and a half rapidly.

This doesn’t mean producing a post an hour daily or being crazy but publishing like a new site would with one a day, then two, and as they grow they can produce more each day and currently I am between 1-3 each day.

My push for Q3 into Q4 is to focus on using Koala to generate “best” content and “review” content to grow the affiliate income I really have a hard time creating this content as it is not the content I enjoy creating and this tool has made it’s creation far more efficient.

Income For NSP1 In July 2023

The income this month was up nearly 20% versus last month as I grew a bit but only $31 more ad revenue versus June. Overall July income came in at $599.11 which with the Amazon kicking in is nice as I nearly broke the $600 mark.

Analytics For NSP1 In July 2023

Just like last month, the site had a more normalized growth pattern occurring and the days of 100% MoM growth rates going the way of the dodo but each month of solid consistent growth gets me towards the numbers to be life-changing!

I honestly am very happy though with July’s 25% growth and I am laying the groundwork to push hard and fast to reach that 50k sessions/users mark and onto greater numbers!

Nsp 1 Ga Ua July 2023

With the end of Universal Analytics, the next months and moving forward will contain GA4 data which looks like the below currently until I learn how to make more useful reports to portray data.

Nsp 1 Ga G4 July 2023

Google Search Console For NSP1 In July 2023

As with the analytics above, the overall Google search numbers seem to bounce a bit but the real need is to keep calm and carry on. I am working to keep growing content (informational and money), building internal linking, and building value within the site.

Nsp 1 Gsc July 2023

Keyword Performance For NSP1 In July 2023

I used to use SerpRobot but they have continued to increase their costs dramatically over the last year, it has moved from 500 SERP results to 150 and then to 75 for $4.99. While it can be nice to have there is a better competitor now in PeakSERP if you want to support small creators.

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Ezoic NicheIQ Pagebooster Results For NSP1 In July 2023

Leaning into NicheIQ and PageBooster has helped me see whats been ranked and found valuable by Google, now I am adding more content that NicheIQ suggested with high volume as well as locking down the posts that provide quality search volume.

Nsp 1 Nicheiq1 July 2023

As you can see below I am doing well as most of the content is stable or solidly trending up with a loss in only a few things which I am evaluating versus others in the same keyword area to see what I need to clean up or look to add.

Nsp 1 Nicheiq2 July 2023

As a important note, content need to have at least 100 pageviews in the period to be tracked so making sure your content gets views is vital to using this tool effectively.

Amazon Performance For NSP1 In July 2023

I had a pretty awesome month for this new site with Amazon due to finally buckling down with Koala to generate some best x for y content that I knew I would rank for. This helped me begin a path toward growing some affiliate side income while I work out building non-Amazon best content manually.

I do feel that the choice to use Lasso for the non-Amazon content will help boost the overall affiliate income once I can get some conversions on the non-Amazon offers I have begun adding to the content as well as into buying-focused content.

Nsp 1 Amazon July 2023

Ezoic Performance For NSP1 In July 2023

As the traffic continues to grow the income grows right alongside, the performance on Ezoic is outstanding lowered a bit to around $17 EPMV, but traditionally July is pretty bad due to Summer and being a new quarter.

Ezoic Ad Results For NSP1 In July 2023

Performance to me was very solid as the site continues to grow and we broke the $500 mark for the month in ad revenue!

Nsp 1 Ezoic July 2023

Ezoic Video Results For NSP1 In July 2023

The income growth for me since focusing on Humix video for the last month is pretty impressive as it has nearly doubled since I began halfway through last month, I used to average a paltry $10 or so monthly but since focusing starting last month I have now begun to average $40+.

This will only continue to grow as I take time to make videos for my content, either from regular video or from Flickify from Ezoic which is an amazing AI tool to convert your posts into video consumable content!

Nsp 1 Humix July 2023
Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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