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Niche Site Project One – Month One: June 2022

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
niche site project one - month one income report

I love building sites, and I used to build and track a considerable swath of sites I was building when I realized I was causing issues by splitting my focus too much.

This was when my focus changed. I went to Ezoic’s Club22, which brought together many of the top performers in the Ezoic system, along with us content creators.

These gigantic sites weren’t focused on diversification. Instead, they were always focused on being the best source of information at what they knew the most.

Many of these sites easily were over a million page views a month…

In my worry that an update would demolish my sites, I decided to make many sites so that if one were hit, I wouldn’t lose everything, but the penalty in this was immensely slower growth overall.

This site has become that site I want to bring to thousands of pages and posts and grow to large pageview numbers, as I know the keywords and spread will allow it to grow as much as I care to push it.

These first 6 to 8 months will be pretty anticlimactic, but I want to show anyone who chooses to check the history that a slow start is standard and not to worry if things don’t explode immediately.

The focus for this site will be on the Amazon affiliate program and display ads with Ezoic until I can find better affiliate deals and grow my income.

Content Production For The Month

I started late into the month and wrote four posts to kick-start the project, I hope to move towards ten posts, and then as I find a groove and can utilize AI tools like Jasper, I can push out a post a day or more.

I also created the about, privacy, and contact pages to get the fundamentals of the site in place.

Income For The Month

As you may expect, it is a fat zero for the month, but this is normal, and I wouldn’t expect to make sales until around months four to six.

At first, Google is always slow to rank content and give it the ranking that would produce consistent clicks, this tends to come over time as they find your content on point for visitors and you cover topics in full.

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Most of these are probably my own views looking at the site and making sure visually everything was coming together.

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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