Josh Koop
Affiliate Marketer & Content Creator

Get to know Josh

I’ve been learning and growing since 2018, dealing with some successes and some big-time fails, and I can’t wait to tell my story.

I started blogging due to loving the building and creation of websites and forums, and I had recently heard of WooCommerce and was dabbling in dropshipping.

I found dropshipping to be lots of work for minimal payoff, with most YouTubers spreading misinformation on revenue but not what you take home.

After ads and expenditures, you most often couldn’t even break even. This is when I finally found affiliate marketing and discovered how to write and build.

So I joined Income School’s Project 24 as I have no writing skills, technical writing always came easy, but the writing task was taxing, and many spoke about how they could teach actual writing.

I wanted to learn how things work and where others built sites and created assets. I love a full-time job, so I was more driven to understand how it worked than building a real income asset.

I approached it technically from the beginning, learning far more about WordPress and themes than focusing on building niche sites. What I created I was selling within the year online.

Then the pandemic hit, and websites became all the rage. The competition began to skyrocket for those focused solely on white-hat approaches.

Numerous students from Project 24 and other courses experienced issues as they didn’t focus on link-building, preferring natural growth.

This is where I started to realize that the path I started to learn how to write and begin the process of building a solid, tangible asset needed more than just bulk content, I needed technical skills.

Hence, I began the Affiliate Lab and learned true full technical SEO and site-building tactics which have brought me to today, where I decided to grow myself and my personal brand with