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Niche Site Project One – Month Eighteen: November 2023

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
Niche Site Project One Month Eighteen

Well, in the aftermath of the Google HCU and rolling series of updates this project is just hurting. I do know that the end of the season for the niche happened in the same window which is definitely not helpful either but I didnt expect this huge a punch in the gut in general.

I am currently evaluating the content but also how I chose to angle on covering it and how well I cover topics as opposed to believing I covered the topic, I haven’t been choosing specific topics just for their search volume and have mostly zero volume.

Content Production For NSP1 In November 2023

I don’t run some huge content mill and in creating my content I need to have a clear path, the updates have beat that out of me so content has been the last thing on the list.

My focus has been on what has had search volume before and after loads of updates to see what is not getting the traction back that it had before evaluating those posts and if it’s just no links hurting ranking or if it’s just missed the mark.

In addition, I have some issues where I am not getting Ezoic cache hits. This is leading to incredibly long load times on the website which may have impacted it maybe even more than the update with pages taking 15-20+ seconds to load.

My old idea was to push for Q4 with Koala to generate “best” and “review” content to grow the affiliate income. But until I fix the problems with the main site this has to be pushed back to the side, the groundwork doesn’t feel solid so it needs repair first.

Income For NSP1 In November 2023

This month’s income was down again versus last month, as the updates demolished overall traffic volume. Overall, November income dropped to $69.06, with Amazon earnings tanking to a sad -$.67 mark, meaning this site has fallen flat on its face.

Analytics For NSP1 In November 2023

This month was still just piling on the pain. This looks like it could be November or December of 2024 or even 2025 instead.

I am pretty near to a 75% loss in provided traffic since the HCU, which means that next month, at this current traffic volume, I will drop again by an additional 25-40%, so I am highly reserved about any Q4 results now.

Analytics November 2023

Google Search Console For NSP1 In November 2023

The Google Search Console numbers have been terminal after the HCU. I have no current answers for you and I am still looking at everything and trying to figure out what isn’t working or if it’s just due to multiple back-to-back Google updates. (With more still happening)

Gsc Nsp1 November 2023

Keyword Performance For NSP1 In November 2023

I used to use SerpRobot, but they have increased their costs dramatically over the last year. It has moved from 500 SERP results to 150 and then to 75 for $4.99 while providing no additional features.

While it can be nice to only track keyword positions, there is a better competitor now in PeakSERP if you want to support small creators. This is a tool looking to add more value including spotlighting opportunities for your site and so much more to help smaller creators grow their businesses.

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Ezoic NicheIQ Pagebooster Results For NSP1 In November 2023

I have been using NicheIQ and PageBooster to help me see what Google has ranked well and found valuable and where I am taking hits to overall traffic volume. I will continue adding more content NicheIQ suggested that I should be able to rank while having high volume.

Ezoic Nicheiq Pagebooster Nov 2023

As you can see below, I am doing decent, as most of the content is still stable. I feel personally the trending down part is all due to the current Google series of Algo updates.

I am continuing to check out those posts and pages and specifically look at them versus the top 10 in the SERP currently to understand where I may be lacking.

Ezoic Nicheiq Pagebooster2 Nov 2023

Amazon Performance For NSP1 In November 2023

Let’s face it, with little traffic the. income from all sources just gets pummeled, this site is failing to garner any real traffic and hence the affiliate income is just gone currently.

I was using Lasso for the non-Amazon content, but have canceled since it is a cost that can’t be paid when traffic doesn’t dictate getting that same value out of a huge monthly cost.

Amazon Nsp1 Nov 2023

Ezoic Performance For NSP1 In November 2023

As the traffic impact came, the Ezoic performance also dipped. But the EPMV declined to just over $18, so I am receiving some performance value from the ads which is nice with affiliate tanking, the issue now is to understand traffic and try to get it moving again for the end of the year.

Ezoic Ad Results For NSP1 In November 2023

The performance given the HCU hit is saddening as it has only declined with each continually applied algo update. I know this niche can be highly seasonal so this one–two punch hurt more as I now can’t tell how seasonal the niche is.

Ezoic Revenue Nov 2023

Ezoic Video Results For NSP1 In October 2023

My income growth using the Humix video setup is still working well and it has been performing solidly but makes less with the incredible traffic drop. I would have had better performance this month but with the visits tanking the results dipped hard down to just $7 from Video.

This will only grow as I take time to make videos for my content, either from regular video or Flickify from Ezoic, a fantastic AI tool to convert your posts into consumable video content!

Ezoic Humix Nov 2023
Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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