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Niche Site Project One – Month Twelve: May 2023

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
niche site project one - month twelve - may 2023 - income report

Month Twelve has been absolutely stupendous, with growth continuing to accelerate and both revenues from affiliate products and display ads climbing to match traffic.

This site is something perfectly matches nearly everyone in the world, which means there is unlimited growth potential and topics to allow writing and updating for years without duplicating content needs.

Content Production For NSP1 In May 2023

Much like in previous months, I have really focused on content generation on this site because it is topically much easier for me to cover and write and I feel the focus and growth will be the largest here.

As such I was able to create 84 posts this month at a total of 185k words, I do feel to some point content volume and consistency matter much more than we want to give it credit for, especially on a fresh site.

This doesn’t mean producing 200 daily posts or being crazy but publishing like a new site would with one a day, then two, and as they grow they can produce more each day and currently I am between 2-3 each day.

My clean-up for the last week of the month was to start going back through content and building better internal links and utilizing the new content I wrote into the link structure of the older posts to help kickstart growth.

Income For NSP1 In May 2023

The income grew tremendously, especially display ads, from last month as I went from around $200 for the month in April to over $500 in May and we are just beginning to move into the prime time season for this site which means the best should still be yet to come in hitting all-time highs!

Analytics For NSP1 In May 2023

Google Search Console For NSP1 In May 2023

As with analytics above, everything appears to be moving in the best way possible as month over month the results keep on rolling in! I love near 100% growth month over month as these days can’t go on forever but they are so inspirational to read and see.

Keyword Performance For NSP1 In May 2023

Month twelve was very exciting with loads of growth in the overall tracked keywords on this site, growing by 17 in the top 3 is VITAL to getting large traffic increases to your site.

In addition, the top 10 growth being 37 keywords is amazing and hopefully, they can continue to grow and reach the top 3 also which would begin to grow the organic traffic to the 50-100k range I am hoping to hit before November.

I have begun using NicheIQ to find shorter-tailed keywords to attack to rapidly increase the expected page views which I will speak more about once the results come in, I keep adding these in weekly as new suggestions come in and they are tracked on my spreadsheet so I can see them rise or fall.

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SERProbot Tracking

Ezoic NicheIQ Pagebooster Results For NSP1 In May 2023

Pagebooster, from Ezoic, is nice to keep track of the performance of pages as it allows you to see which posts are growing, stable, or losing ground in the SERPs overall. Pages need to have at least 100 pageviews in the period to be tracked so you can track better the more visits the content gets.

Amazon Performance For NSP1 In May 2023

The move last month to add on Lasso has helped to instantly grow affiliate income for the month and I am starting to garner loads of clicks from non-Amazon affiliate content which should begin converting into higher affiliate revenues which are super exciting!

Ezoic Performance For NSP1 In May 2023

As the traffic continues to explode the income grows right alongside, the performance on Ezoic is outstanding with a nearly $23 EPMV, and with growing traffic, this means if I can grow to 50k-100k page views, I may be able to reach levels around $30-40 EPMV easily, which is exciting.

Ezoic Ad Results For NSP1 In May 2023

I recently converted my older premium plan into a new plan with staggered levels which I am now flying up, I also chose to have it be paid from the Ezoic earnings which means I never have to worry about a credit card on file so I would highly recommend this.

Ezoic income fmor May 2023 on NSP1 website

Ezoic Video Results For NSP1 In May 2023

I have been slow to react to implementing video on the site as I am still quite shy on video, what I did instead is to focus on converting each high-visited page into a companion Flickify video.

The first point is to have a video on the topic to the post but secondly, it provides more ad income from the ads between the videos adding value to the visitor and to myself.

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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