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Niche Site Project One – Month Five: October 2022

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
niche site project one - month five income report

The time when site building becomes the hardest is around this month as the newness has worn away, and you are more than likely not seeing any income, which leads to burnout.

Even knowing this, it still impacts me as this month was slower to produce anything, though I did loads of keyword research and prepared myself for over 200 posts that I consider low-competition.

Content Production For The Month

This month was hard with life commitments, I only got five posts up this month which was kind of under where I want to be, but sometimes you will have bad months.

Nothing you can do but move forward, chalk it up as an L, and move on.

Income For The Month

As with previous months, the income for October is a fatty zero, but as of October 30th, I am finished with the Ezoic setup.

This means I should begin to get some income once the approval from Google MCM comes, so next month, I will have my first positive income!


Amazon Performance

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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