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Niche Site Project Two – Month Two: August 2023

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop
Niche Site Project Two Month Two

With all the push to SGE and AI content on the SERPs, the belief is to have a site that AI can’t easily replace. This has led me to begin this new NSP2, a site built on my knowledge and not simple to just “clone” or spin down the road.

This site also allows for more family freedom and to use our time together as a perfect chance to grow this site. While many may target something similar, they are always smaller in scope or limited in approach where I plan to dominate.

Content Production For NSP2 In August 2023

I wanted to get this site off to a fast start I usually try to offer posts slowly, but given that this will be gaining momentum into the slowest part of the year in the holidays, I want to steamroll getting this off the ground, which always seems to do better with actual content velocity.

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Income For NSP2 In August 2023

I am not putting any effort into building affiliate links nor any “best” style content, I will put links when it makes sense every so often and I am making a list of affiliate programs I would like to join but will wait to have traffic to apply.

Analytics For NSP2 In August 2023

Before I remembered to block myself, there were some sessions and pageviews. I know nothing was from organic search so I am not planning to have a graph until next month’s report.

Google Search Console For NSP2 In August 2023

I will continue to post the GSC and information I see and will use to begin growing this site based on the keywords Google tells me I should or will rank for without much effort. You must first get enough content out to use it well.

Keyword Performance For NSP2 In August 2023

This will be done within PeakSERP to track as I can showcase the results by hiding any of my keywords within the app as they are swapped out for random words, making social sharing so much nicer.

Amazon Performance For NSP2 In August 2023

As stated above, affiliate income isn’t my focus currently. I added this site to the program and made a tag for it to see if anything gains interest on the one-off links I may place.

Josh Koop the owner of this blog and building of niche websites
Josh Koop

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